Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Chattahoochee Paint Out --- Sold

"Early Morning Gathering"
12" x 24"

Wow, I had signed up to participate in the “Great Chattahoochee paint out” and due to numerous other obligations I only had time to join them to paint one painting “Early Morning Gathering”. What a great morning we had, a wonderful time to see so many of my Plein Air Buddies, watch some fantastic art be produced, take a much needed break and somehow I managed to pull off Third place at the show! Go figure!


  1. I figure it was because this is a fantastic painting! It has so much atmosphere and really captures the kind of early morning moment that many people dream of - I feel calm just looing at it. Well done on the 3rd place, Amanda! It was well deserved.

  2. Yes, congratulations! I agree with Caroline, you really captured the moment and mood of the early morning and I'm not surprised you received recognition for the painting. Really beautiful!

  3. Congratulations Amanda! This painting is wonderful and so peaceful. Bravo!!

  4. If your painting came in 3rd
    the competition must have been fierce
    You did a beautiful job capturing the stillness of the morning mist