Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For the love of a Duck --- Sold

10" x 8"
Wooden Box

I had the pleasure of painting this colorful image for one of my Gallery owners as a Christmas present to her Husband. It seems this duck hangs out where he works and he has grown rather attached to this animal he has lovingly named “Spike”.

I must say this one was wonderfully fun to paint!!


  1. Yeesh, Amanda! I thought this was a photo! What an interesting and beautiful duck! I love the idea of it as a gift for this man and I just know he will be over the moon with it. I'm intrigued that it is done on a wooden box!

  2. Thanks guys! I am not sure why this one was so fun to paint. It may have ben the bright colors or the fact that I painted it for someone that loves art. His enthusiasm for my work is very motivating in its self.

    I painted it on a mounted wooden panel that had sides about 2 inches deep, more like a box. They carry them at Binders in Atlanta. I primed it with Black Gesso which seems like it helps with paintings with really bright colors. Since I painted it all the way around the sides it does not have to be framed. I believe she said he would most likely stand it on his book shelves.

    It was a blast to paint!

  3. I Do love the duck! Beautifully painted with tons of character.