Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lady and Maxx --- Sold

"Lady and Maxx"
Oil on Canvas
30" x 40"
It’s funny how commissions can sometimes open doors.

Thanks to Bobbe Gillis Gallery in Atlanta I recently had the privilege of doing several large commission pieces that are now hanging in the Executive offices of The Delta Community Credit Union. This first one led me to find my new friends Palm Glades Lovely Lady and Palm Glades Mad Maxx.

Knowing nothing about Bird hunting myself I had the good fortune of finding Lane Hodges and his amazing German Shorthair Pointers. I am now in love with the breed. Both dogs having great accomplishments in field trials and are also amazing hunting/pet companions. Lady, not even a year old, took 2 first places at the GSP Club of South Georgia just a couple weeks ago, giving her a total of 3 first place and 1 third place ribbons in field trials. Go Lady!

It was wonderful having Lane’s expertise to authenticate the painting at every step. Lesson learned: when you know nothing about your subject matter it pays to associate yourself with someone who does. This will only be the first of many paintings of these amazing animals. I plan to be in the field with them next weekend; never thought I would be saying that!!